Leading the Digital Trust & Safety Transformation


Leading the Digital Trust & Safety Transformation

In today’s digital landscape, balancing user experience with customer safety has never been more important -- or more difficult. By surveying 500 employees responsible for fighting fraud, Sift found that 77% prioritize delivering a frictionless experience, but nearly as many say fraud prevention blocks this goal.

The answer isn’t additional fraud prevention. Businesses must adopt a Digital Trust & Safety approach, strategically aligning risk and revenue decisions supported by sophisticated processes and technology. How can you optimize your business strategies for the challenges and opportunities of the digital world?

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  • How to move beyond reactive fraud-fighting strategies and deliver excellent customer experiences without compromising safety
  • The 4 qualities of a Digital Trust & Safety organization
  • A step-by-step guide to help you evolve to Digital Trust & Safety
  • Why the time for Digital Trust & Safety is now