a sift science ebook

Trust & Safety for On-Demand Businesses

On-demand business models are becoming more common across industries, offering seamless experiences and quick turnaround times. These perks make customers happy, but can make fraudsters’ jobs easier. How do you find a balance? In this ebook, you’ll get an example of how an on-demand business fights fraud while growing revenue and customer loyalty.

read this book to find out:
  • Unique fraud challenges faced by on-demand businesses
  • The best solution for catching fraud at a low cost
  • How trust can get your business to the next level

Thousands of sites and apps build trust with sift

Open Table reduced manual review by 80%. 200% improvement in detection accuracy.
10M+ app installs in the US; 60% drop in chargebacks in 3 months
EatStreet reduced their chargeback rate by 85% and rapidly expanded to new markets.