Make Better Data-Driven Decisions with Sift Insights

How are you measuring the success of your fraud program? Nearly 40% of businesses only track chargeback rate — and in many cases rely on data that’s days or weeks out of date. Poor visibility leaves you in the dark about how effectively you’re fighting fraud and how to stay ahead.

This webinar explores how Sift Insights provides you with the real-time visibility and actionable insight you need to make data-driven decisions.


In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Sift Insights provides the full picture of the fraud you face
  • How to use dashboards and reporting to optimize operations, manage team performance, and build better rules
  • Strategies and key KPIs that will help you turn insights into action
James Volz
Product Marketing Manager, Sift Science
As a product marketing manager at Sift, James is focused on bringing products to market that promote digital trust and safety — giving companies an edge on fraudsters and competitors. Before Sift, James did product marketing in the sales enablement software space.
Megan Mann
Product Manager, Sift Science
Megan is a product manager at Sift Science who loves working with customers to solve their most challenging problems around fraud and abuse. Prior to Sift, she was a product manager at Bridgewater Associates.
DJ Murphy - Moderator
Editor-in-Chief, Card Not Present®
As editor-in-chief of Card Not Present, DJ Murphy has day-to-day control of the editorial content on the Website and serves as the publication’s main reporter and writer. He brings more than 15 years of media and corporate experience to the company.